1. What is boudoir photography

2. Why I decided to do a boudoir shoot

3. How it has helped me in my relationship with my partner 

4. The benefits of doing a boudoir shoot for yourself and your partner

5. Tips on how you can get started with your own boudoir session 

6. My final thoughts on why everyone should try out this type of photoshoot at least once in their life!

Michele is a wife, mother and entrepreneur. She has always been in love with painting but never thought she was good enough to pursue it as a career. In December of 2012, her husband surprised her with a boudoir photoshoot for Christmas. It sparked something inside of Michele that gave her the confidence she needed to pursue painting as her full-time job! Now, Michele wants to share what this experience has done for not just herself but also for other couples who are looking at their relationship from a different perspective. 

Boudoir photography can help create or reaffirm your confidence in your relationship because you're being seen in an entirely new light by someone you trust and love - yourself! It can be used as an empowering experience for women who want to explore their sexuality or are looking to get back in touch with it after going through some tough times like divorce or losing weight.

“I’ll never forget the day my husband and I walked out of our boudoir session. We had just spent 5 hours together, laughing, posing, exploring more than we ever have before in front of a camera lens with no shame. The entire time it felt like he was seeing me for who I really am- not just as his wife or someone that cooks dinner every night but instead as this beautiful woman that has so much potential to shine on her own terms and at her own pace… It may sound crazy but after doing a boudoir shoot myself and then watching him do one too, we both feel closer to each other than ever before!”

Image by Yohan Libot