The Pixieros Journey

At the heart of our work is a deep understanding of the significance of your wedding day. We are dedicated to producing stunning photographs and exquisite videos that capture the breathtaking landscapes and emotional moments of each unique celebration. Whether it's a grand destination wedding or an intimate elopement, our passion lies in preserving every special memory, allowing you to relive your cherished day for years to come.

Our commitment is to ensure a seamless and worry-free experience for you on your special day. With careful attention to detail, flawless execution, and prompt delivery of our services, we ensure a seamless experience for you on your special day.

Recognising the individuality of each celebration, we prioritise understanding your desires and expectations. By doing so, we flawlessly bring your vision and love to life, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”




Timeless tales told through images.

We skilfully craft photoshoots to capture the essence of individuals, couples, and events. With expertise in lighting and composition, we create visually stunning, emotional images that narrate stories and preserve cherished memories for future generations.


Eternalising love, one frame at a time.

Our wedding photoshoots focus on capturing the essence of your love story. With expertise and passion, we preserve every tender moment, joyful tear, and heartfelt embrace, crafting a timeless visual narrative of your special day to be treasured forever.


Love's timeless dance, beautifully captured.

Our wedding videography masterfully captures your love story, blending intimate moments and joyous celebrations into a cinematic experience. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensures your cherished memories are preserved in motion, allowing you to relive your special day for years to come.


unforgettable moments from a unique perspective.

Elevate your wedding day with mesmerising drone video footage. Offering a magical perspective, capture spellbinding aerial scenes of your fairy-tale venue, ceremony, and joyous reception.



Boost the fun factor with quirky props and lively backgrounds for up to 3 hours, enticing guests to strike hilarious poses for unforgettable, laughter-filled snapshots.



Live streaming your wedding allows loved ones worldwide to join in on your special day. This real-time connection brings everyone together, sharing your joy and creating cherished memories.


"We truly cant thank this team enough. From the lead up and meetings before our day right through to the wedding day and even after, they have been the best team ever to work with. They listened to what we desired and what our vision was and without even blinking just went with it. They captured all of the love and joy in our day and the personalities of their team added to that joy.

They are absolutely fantastic to work with and I would give them 20 stars if I could. Our video and the photos we have so far seen, we are just in love with all of them. I will recommend you to absolutely anyone and everyone that listens. Thank you so much for understanding our needs and going above and beyond them. There were things within our wedding video that we did not expect (in the best possible way) and it just made our hearts happy. Thank you again!"

Rachel Fairlie


During our initial consultation, we'll listen closely to your desires and preferences to understand your expectations for your photoshoot. We'll also discuss in detail the logistics of the shoot, including the location, timing, and any specialised equipment or props required.

On the Day

Our approach is both efficient and effective. Being flexible, we can fine-tune our photoshoot process to ensure your comfort while capturing the ideal images. Proficient in photography and videography, we encapsulate the elegant, impromptu, and genuine moments of your wedding day or event, providing you with an array of options to choose from.

Post Shoot

Post-shoot, we'll supply digital copies of every captured image and any prints or products requested. We prioritise your satisfaction and uphold open, transparent communication throughout your photographic journey. Being attentive to your needs, we strive to surpass your expectations!

Don't miss a single moment – contact us about our wedding photography services.


"I wish words were able to express how happy and grateful I am to have had Pixieros Photography capture my wedding day. The photographers and videographers who were part of my wedding day were amazing. They were so kind and helpful and they made me feel so incredibly comfortable being around them. They were so wonderful.

The final photos they provided were absolutely beautiful and the moment I saw my wedding video I was sobbing - it was amazing. They made normal moments become special and made special moments become spectacular. I couldn't recommend them enough. Thank you for everything!"

Salma Saloom


We skillfully encapsulate your special moments with artistic finesse. Our commitment to excellence and personalised approach ensures your unique story is preserved forever.


We thrive on creativity, using inventive methods and artistic flair to produce striking, unforgettable visual narratives that uniquely capture your story.


We excel in actively listening to your requirements, tailoring our approach to your unique needs and vision for a customised photographic experience.



We uphold professionalism through meticulous attention to detail, quality, and clear communication, ensuring your cherished moments are expertly captured.


Our unwavering support on your special day gives a seamless and stress-free experience. You can fully immerse in the celebration, leaving us to capture your memories for always.