Your wedding photography guide

Don't miss out on the enchanting moments of your wedding, from the pre-wedding preparations to your first dance. To help you capture all these precious memories, we have compiled a comprehensive visual guide that will inspire your wedding photography shot list.

Having devoted so much time and effort to organising your wedding, it is natural to desire to capture every detail in the best possible manner, allowing you to relive the day through the photos for years to come.

Detail Shots

I understand that detail shots are essential to capture the color palette, stationery, and overall aesthetics that you have carefully planned for your wedding day. Unlike many other moments on your big day, these shots can be carefully staged and creatively experimented with to capture the dreamy images of accessories, invitations, outfits, florals, and other decorative elements. By playing with textures and lighting, I can showcase the intricacies and charm of your special day through these detail shots. Rest assured that I will capture every detail that you have put effort into planning so that you can cherish them for years to come.

  • Invitations
  • The program
  • Wedding rings
  • Wedding dresses/suits
  • Flowers
  • Outfit accessories — shoes, cuff links and jewellery, bouquets, fragrances, corsages and boutonnieres
  • Special signs

Getting Ready Shots

As your photographer, I will be capturing the significant getting-ready moments while your hair and makeup professionals work their magic, and the anticipation grows. To ensure that nothing is missed, I request that you allow sufficient time for me to photograph both the bridal party and groomsmen as they prepare for the wedding. Therefore, I recommend that you plan ample time to get ready, ensuring that I have adequate time to capture all the necessary shots. This way, you can rest assured that every moment is documented beautifully.

  • Your ‘getting ready’ outfits (matching robes and pyjamas etc.)
  • Reading your love letter from your partner
  • Bride and bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done
  • Wedding party having fun
  • Family shots
  • Mother and bride/groom portraits
  • Father and bride/groom portraits

Pre - Ceremony Shots

I have noticed that many couples prefer to have a "first look" before the ceremony. It is an excellent way to ease any anxiety and reduce time constraints later in the day. The private moments that you share before exchanging vows can be an opportunity for intimacy, and I can capture emotionally charged shots during that time. However, whether to have a "first look" or not is entirely up to you, and I will respect your preference.

  • Couple alone for your first look (if you’re doing a first look)
  • Bride(s) and bridesmaids/flower girls
  • Groom(s) and groomsmen/ring bearer

Ceremony Shots

I understand that the exchange of vows between you and your partner is the most significant moment that I will capture. To ensure that every aspect of the ceremony is documented, including any small but meaningful details, I request that you inform me of any specific shots you would like me to take. For instance, shots of your guests arriving or a close-up of your wedding bands. By doing so, you can rest assured that I will capture everything you need to remember for years to come.

  • Venue shots, including the ceremony site
  • Flowers
  • Interior and exterior details
  • Groom and groomsmen waiting inside the venue
  • Guests (as they arrive and their reactions during the ceremony)
  • Bridal party entrance
  • Bride(s) walking down the aisle
  • Groom’s reaction
  • Father/mother giving the bride away
  • Exchanging of vows and rings
  • The first kiss as a married couple and the moment after
  • Signing the marriage certificate
  • The couple walking back up the aisle
  • Petal/confetti toss

Group Portraits

Congratulations! Once you exchange vows and officially tie the knot, it's time to celebrate with your closest loved ones and capture the moment in group photos during the cocktail hour. Alternatively, if you prefer spending more time with your guests, you might want to take these group shots before the ceremony. In either case, it's essential to communicate your preference to our creative team in advance to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

  • Couple with bridesmaids/groomsmen
  • Couple with the entire wedding party
  • Bride(s) with bridesmaids
  • Groom(s) and groomsmen/best man
  • Couple with any children
  • Couple with each set of parents
  • Couple with both sets of parents
  • Couple with siblings
  • Couple with close family members

Reception Shots

As the reception starts, I'll be busy capturing a plethora of relaxed and fun shots of all your guests as they eat, drink, and dance the night away. To ensure that we don't miss anything, it's crucial that you let me know if there are any crucial details that you want me to capture from the reception. Whether it's the food, décor, or cake cutting, I'll make sure to document every essential moment.

  • Details of the room
  • Table settings, including place cards and centrepieces
  • Wedding cake details
  • Grand entrance
  • Toasts and speeches
  • Cake cutting
  • The first dance
  • Bride(s) dancing with father/groom(s) dancing with mother
  • Couple mingling with guests
  • Dancefloor shots
  • The reception exit